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Visit a Winery

Santorini is famous of its wines. The island can grow exceptional grapes and volcano land gives special features to the wines. Tours of many wineries are available, visit one of them and taste some wines of the island. It is a unique experience you should not miss.

Swimming / Visit the red Beach

Red beach is one of the most extraordinary plots of coast line on Earth. Red lava cliffs plunge in the turquoise waters creating a majestic atmosphere. Red beach offers sunbeds and umbrellas.iss.

Visit Akrotiri Excavations

Akrotiri is an ancient town buried when the volcano erupted 3.500 years ago. Archaeologists are still excavating it, but you can walk around the little street quarters and see the building almost like they were back then.

Dive into the Sunset

Visit Oia and witness the moment when sun merges with sea, bathing the whole landscape in colors, ranging from blue and purple to red and yellow. Sunsets in Oia are spectacular and unforgettable.

Hiking Skaros Rock

Skaros is one of the most impressive spots of Santorini. It is kind of conical peninsula that on top forms a huge rock about 20m high. But Skaros is not only geologically interesting. It is also historically important as it is the first Kasteli (fortress) that was built on Satorini in the 15th century in order to protect from the pirates attacks.

Go up the caldera on Mule Ride

One of the most authentic experiences is going up from the old harbor on a mule /donkey. By paying small fee or money these friendly animals carry you through the 587 steps up to the town of Fira.

Visit the museum of Prehistoric Thira

At the museum of Prehistoric Thira you can see finds from the ancient Minoan town, which was buried below lava in the 17th century BC. Highlights include painted ceramics and frescoes depicting swallows, antelopes, monkeys and women in Minoan dress. The museum located behind the main church of Fira.

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